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At Roofing Contractors OKC, we bring you top-notch residential and industrial metal roofing that will last you practically a lifetime! 

Incredibly flexible design-wise, metal roofing can readily match numerous architectural styles, from old-style farm house to houses with a more modern-day appearance. We are confident of our top quality steel and metal roofing items and installation services so we can ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Usually made up of steel, aluminum or copper, metal roofing systems offer some of the best protection for your home. They hold up against high winds, shed snow and rain very effectively and are fire-resistant. 

Metal roofing is extremely lightweight, long-lasting and can even lower heating and cooling costs since it reflects heat from the sun. Overall, metal roofs go beyond other kinds of roofing material with a wide variety of advantages.

Metal Roofing OKC

Professional Metal Roof Contractors

Metal roofing systems are a terrific choice for roof replacements. As one of the most resilient roofs in the market, they’re also highly customizable and energy-efficient. Metal roofing systems are a fantastic way to update your home, incorporate aesthetic appeal, and secure your home from weather condition and aging. We also offer commercial metal roofing services in OKC.

Here are the benefits of metal roofing:

  • Metal roofing has been shown to last for 50+ years
  • Can match a wide array of designs
  • Lightweight and fire-resistant
  • Has interlocking panels for maximum wind resistance
  • Proven to keep buildings cooler
Metal Roofers OKC

Perks Of Metal Roofs Over Other Roofs

  • Appeal and Adaptability: The design choices for metal roofing are practically countless. You can get your roof painted in any color you can possibly imagine. Despite what sort of roofing design, color or surface you have now (or have in mind), there’s a metal roofing design to match. Metal roofing designs available look and feel just like common roofing material like asphalt shingle, clay tile, cedar shake or slate. Nevertheless, metal roofing options last a minimum of 2 to 3 times longer than other roofing materials.
  • Low Upkeep & Energy efficient: Keeping your rain gutters clean, clearing out debris, touching up paint, and replacing old gaskets are the only things that you truly need to stress over. Metal roofs are designed to be resistant to water and are notoriously good at drying out, so you should not need to worry about any oxidation or deterioration. Metal roofing in both light and dark colors reflects heat efficiently to reduce cooling loads in the summer season and insulate houses throughout the winter season. This can help to lower energy costs significantly (up to 40% in some areas) compared to standard asphalt shingle roofing. Safeguard your home or business from the sun and heat with an energy-efficient metal roofing system. Metal roofing will last a life time and ultimately can save more money in energy expenses over its life expectancy than other roofing systems.
  • Exceptional Resilience: Metal roofing can last for more than fifty years. It is incombustible and resistant to high winds. While the preliminary cost for a premium metal roofing system is a bit higher than the majority of other roofing building materials, you will save cash down the road. A metal roofing system can last a lifetime, and it will likewise increase the resale worth of your home or company structure.
  • Recycled and “Over the Top” Installation: Metal is the best eco-friendly roofing material on the marketplace. Metal roofing can be installed over your existing roof, which reduces waste and reduces installation time. Metal roofs usually have at least 25% recycled content. This level of recycled roofing material makes metal roofing a “environmentally-safe” option and recycled material item. Meta roofing is likewise 100% recyclable when taken out as part of building restoration or demolition. Other roofing materials are routinely removed and thrown away by the ton in a garbage dump, however metal roofing could be recycled by its entirety.
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